Some browsers and operating systems support pressure sensitivity out of the box, while others require a bit more work. First of all, open, click on the hamburger icon and select Help.

You will see a list of browsers, along with instructions for each of them.

<aside> 💡 We recommend using Google Chrome - it's a robust, modern browser with a great performance, which should guarantee a smooth drawing experience.


If the above does not help, please make sure you try all of the following as well:

  1. Use correct settings when testing pressure sensitivity:

  2. Make sure you're using Google Chrome and it's updated to the latest version;

  3. Check your table device settings and if you find any of the following options, make sure they're enabled: Windows Ink / Tablet PC / Digital Ink

  4. Install and enable our Google Chrome extension

  5. Reboot your computer and try again

If the problem persists, please contact us at

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